How Temp Agency Staffing Can Help Businesses Maintain Productivity

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COVID-19 brought with it significant challenges, hardship and uncertainty to many industries. Businesses have had to seriously rethink how they can maintain productivity while navigating a new, more challenging labour market through the pandemic crisis.

It’s no longer business as usual, and companies need to reconsider their workforce planning. Unfortunately for some, a lack of agility in response has seen their doors close, permanently. For others that have seen how temp agency staffing can support them to maintain resilience and productivity in an uncertain labour market, the shortage hasn’t impacted as significantly.

How does temp staffing help address uncertainty?

We have a long way to go before we return to business as usual in Australia, and the COVID-19 pandemic is by no means done. But how can a business address and prosper with this uncertainty, when there’s no set date for returning to “normal”? And what really is normal anymore?

Hiring staff through a temp agency has been the answer for many.

With the compounding factors of uncertainty, financial risk and labour market fluctuations, temp staff are ideally placed to help businesses fill shortages quickly.

Businesses across various industries simply cannot maintain productivity post-pandemic, as finding staff with the right skills has become a significant challenge for employers.

Since restrictions have eased, we’ve seen staff shortages at major events. And this is just one example of many that illustrates how dire the situation is.

Given these shortages, a temp agency with a solid pool of candidates should find it quite easy to keep them engaged on a variety of temp assignments.

Why temp staffing is attractive

Working for a temp agency is attractive to a segment of the workforce today, especially those looking for flexibility and variety in their jobs, which is what agency work offers.

From a temp staff perspective, the opportunities available right now are ideally positioned to allow them to thrive and even grow their professional skills while maintaining the balance they want between work and lifestyle.

Employees in essential services continue to work in their respective fields, but many have had to isolate to help curb the spread of COVID-19. This has forced many essential service providers (aged and healthcare, as an example) to become reliant on contingent, temp workers.

How to take advantage of ever-increasing demand

The growing number of businesses facing challenges with staffing their normal operations has seen many employers seek the help of temp staffing agencies.

The "as needed basis" solution is now, more than ever, being seen as a viable option for many Australian businesses who desperately need productive workers with flexibility.

For a recruitment agency specialising in temp workers, now is a very good time to be in business, and an even better time to start your own.

Is it time to start your own temp agency?

It may be tempting to limit your focus to what will happen to your agency after this crisis is over, but you could be thinking bigger. Looking past the current pressing need and back over time, there have been previous crises that have seen similar effects to what we’re experiencing now. During times of recession and uncertainty, the one thing that becomes obvious is that a temp staffing business is very resilient.

That’s why now is the best time to start your own temp agency. If you’re an experienced recruiter with a sound network of contacts and the drive to increase your income, the market is more than ready for you. And here at RecruitArt, we’re here to support you.

We have the experience, the tools and the structures to help you get off to a flying start, and your success is our success.

Book a discovery session with us today and find out more about how you can leverage the current market challenges into a true business opportunity that will last well beyond the current situations that have evolved due to the pandemic.

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